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POLESTAR Systems manufacturer low cost but high performance race ignition management and fuel injection systems. These systems were originally designed and developed for use with the Mini A-Series engine but are now used on a wide range on engines and configurations.

Our customer's cars include many race and road-going Mini's some turbocharged and supercharged. They also include many front running cars in the 750 MC championships and other race formulae.

POLESTAR Systems has been building race ignition management systems since the early '90s. The original POLESTAR 1 powered both Stuart Drake and Peter Baldwin to 1st and 2nd respectively in the 1997 National Mini Migla Championship. More recently they have had many race wins in the 750 MC Championship races.

A POLESTAR powered 16V Mini Cooper S holds the Modified Saloon Class record at more than one UK Hillclimb venue

The POLESTAR HS is a new Engine Managment System (ECU) from POLESTAR. It is a low cost yet highly sophisticated system. It can be configured as a the basic Ignition Only System or a Fuel Injection System.

All the latest ECUs include Bluetooth connectivity!

Bluetooth: Connect and map fuel injection ECUs with no wires. Can also stream engine data (RPM, Temperatures etc.) over bluetooth to many different dash boards (using Autronic SM4 V1.09 protocol)

Cylinders: Supports up to 8 cylinder engines.

RPM: Maps up to 15000rpm so suitable for high revving motorbike engines.

Reduced cost: Due to newer manufacturing techniques and modern components cost has been significantly reduced from the original ECU.

Choice of trigger options: Operates with old POLESTAR trigger wheel and hexagonal hall-effect sensor, or can be configured to operate with many "missing tooth" trigger wheel patterns (36-1, 60-1, 24-2 etc.) and standard VR wire sensor. Supports hall effect or VR cam sensor input (for sequential options). Also supports the standard trigger wheel and cam sensor on a Yamaha R1 5PW engine

Connectivity: Integral rugged USB port for laptop connection, no need to remove ECU end plate! Sealed 36 way ECU connector.

All ECUs can be configured to run as Ignition only or Fuel injection. Turbo option available giving a configurable boost ignition retard, or load sites based on MAP rather than throttle position.

Shift Light Outputs When configured in Ignition Only the injector outputs can be used to control upto 4 shift lights.


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