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Peter Bove -

"At last, your first (and second) win in 750 Formula. Three very close races resulted in a 3rd and two wins at Lydden. The ignition system has run faultlessly since being fitted. Of course, I still have to get to a rolling road and set the map properly, but it doesn't seem too bad as it is!  Great product, congratulations on the first 750 Formula win."

Nigel Brown -
"I chose the Polestar ECU system after Bill Richards Racing had built my turbo charged engine for my Mini and they wanted a much more flexable ignition system (BRR were using Polestar ECU in their race car) I havent been disappointed the engine was smoother with the boost coming in earlier it was far more drivable than the same engine with a Dissy!

The reliability has been 100% and within a month of using the Polestar ECU I used my Mini as a wedding car for my wedding with no problems and with my bestman saying how fun the car was!

That was some 10 years ago and I am currently on the Polestar 3 unit With injection etc and WOW it still impresses and has a few of my ideas inside it.... this is the otherside of polestar they develop their product and listen to their customers and with the support and setup help being fantastic I couldn’t be happier.”

Richard Wood -

“I have used Polestar systems in all my competition cars. I have updated from the very first basic unit right through to the very latest unit which is in my hillclimbing Mini. All the units have been reliable and proved to be a positive addition to my cars.”


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