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Support for up to 8 cylinders. Can also run in single coil mode retaining the distributor for spark distribution. Ideal for historic formula cars where distributor has to be retained.

Support for up to 8 cylinders with batch injection or full 4 cylinder sequential injection. Can operate in 'semi-sequential' mode supporting A-Series 5 port engine with 2 injectors (injection only).

Direct crankshaft trigger via standard "missing tooth" trigger wheel, many different trigger patterns supported (36-1, 24-2, 60-1 etc.), or original POLESTAR hexagonal sensor and trigger wheel.

Timing and fueling adjusted with 8 load sites at every 500 rpm from 0-15000rpm with full interpolation between sites.

Integral 'smooth-cut' rev limiter.

Shift Light Outputs, when configured in Ignition Only mode the injector outputs can be used to control upto 4 adjustable shift lights.

Sequential twin-point fuel injection (supports A Series engine).

Supports output from Innovate LC-1 or PLX Devices SM-AFR lambda sensor controllers giving full closed loop fuelling and mapping.

Additional outputs for driving cooling fan, fuel pump and idle air valve.

Simple mapping software for MS Windows.

Optional Turbo package with 'Boost Retard' feature including integral 1.5bar MAP sensor internal to the ECU. Also supports connection to an external MAP sensor

POLESTAR HS is available in a number of configurations click for more details,


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