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In addition to our Fuel Injection Systems we also supply ignition only systems. The basic two dimensional (2D) ignition-only system provides a simple mapped ignition for carburettor based engines. The engines advance curve can be tailored to the engine with ignition points at every 500 rpm up to 15000rpm.

POLESTAR systems has been used successfully for several years by Mini Miglia and many other race formulae.

Key Features

  • 4 coil drivers allowing support for up to 8 cylinders. Can also run in single coil mode retaining the distributor for spark distribution. Ideal for history formula cars where distributor has to be retained.
  • Direct crankshaft trigger via standard 36-1 trigger wheel, or original POLESTAR style trigger wheel.
  • Timing adjusted with 8 load sites at every 500 rpm from 0-15000rpm with full interpolation between sites.
  • Integral 'smooth-cut' rev limiter.
  • All POLESTAR HS ECUs provide a standard rev counter output.
  • Optional Turbo package with 'Boost Retard' feature including integral 1.5bar MAP sensor internal to the ECU.
  • Simple mapping software for MS Windows

By adding a throttle position sensor or using an optional MAP sensor (internal to the ECU) the system can operate in 3D mode. The ignition timing can then be set based on both RPM and throttle position/manifold pressure. This allows an engine to produce more power and run more efficiently with part throttle openings. A typical 3D ignition curve is shown opposite.

Turbo Managment System - Boost Retard

On turbo or supercharged engines it is often ideal to be able to apply a controlled amount of ignition retard as the boost pressure increases. This is important to prevent dangerous detonation which can quickly melt pistons and destroy an engine.

The POLESTAR HS Turbo Management System employs an integral manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) which constantly measures the boost pressure (0-1.5bar, or 0-22psi) boost). The system can then be configured with between 0 and 5 degrees of ignition retard per PSI of boost pressure. This value can be configured in 0.25 degree increments for super accurate engine timing under boost conditions. The calculated retard value is subtracted from the base advance figure in the engine map. This gives safe smooth delivery of power from a turbo or supercharged engine. This functionality is available in both our fuel injection and ignition only ECUs.

Mapping Software

All POLSTAR HS systems just require a USB connecting cable and the mapping software which can be downloaded for free from the downloads page. This software will run on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows10. It is simple to use an allows ‘Live mapping’ of all engine parameters with the engine running.

Price (excluding VAT)

POLESTAR HS Ignition Only System                    £330
POLESTAR HS Turbo Managament System       £350

Typical 3D ignition curve

Mapping software


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